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Our Story

Our Story started with twin brotherhood. I reflected this on my designs. To be a big family in the future ...

Organic cotton field


From our designs, to our manufacturing and packaging.

The textile sector directly affected by fashion; It is open to fast consumption, more production and more consumption habits and therefore it must have a sustainability awareness. We have to set some standards so that the next generations can use these resources and that these resources are not destroyed.

Our Works

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

I try to be a useful resource for people looking for help or advice on design. Finally I decided to take a mission and do it consciously. I started doing design work on my passions, thoughts and curiosities about our world. I built the BLIND SON platform with the mission of sharing my thoughts with others. You can take some time to explore my blog, and if you want to collaborate on any project, you can contact me.

Woman cutting fabric
Linen loom

Our Fabrics

Fabrics obtained from natural materials.

It is the fabric that makes the outfit look beautiful. You should pay attention to the fabric for clothes in which you will be comfortable. First of all, we want to offer you fabrics woven from natural materials.

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